Press Release

May 2, 2016

Taglialatella Galleries
231 Tenth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

For Immediate Release: Taglialatella Galleries presents Rubem Robierb – New Works


New York, New York:  Taglialatella Galleries is pleased to present an exhibition of recent works by Brazilian artist Rubem Robierb. The show will run from May 19th - June, 2016 at Taglialatella Galleries’ Chelsea location. The exhibit opens with a private invitation only reception on the evening of Thursday, May 19, 2016 from 6:00-8:00pm.

Robierb is best known for his vibrantly colored images that combine South American-Miami style with a hard New York edge.  His unique working style incorporates richly layered screen printing, hand and spray painting, diamond dust and new non-traditional mediums such as neon signs. His imagery playfully juxtaposes cultural references, while exploring sociocultural issues that define our current times.

In his new series, Power Flowers, Robierb connects his own narrative, of bullets and war, with Andy Warhol’s iconic “Flower” paintings. Power Flowers intentionally alludes to Warhol in its title, and aims for the viewer to reinterpret Robierb’s works in a Pop art lens. 


Upon close inspection, the presumed Warhol flower is not a flower at all – it is a bullet that, already shot from a gun, has exploded. Robierb’s multilayered paintings speak to the deceptive nature of his artworks— even though the flowers are painted like Warhol’s, in bright pop colors, the expanded bullet confronts the viewer so intensely that the painting hardly seems to be a flower at all. The merely “pretty picture” is corrupted, and viewers have no means of escaping the optical truth of the artwork. Robierb’s work makes the viewer consciously aware of how violence and war corrupts your vision; the works contemplate how beautiful and how sad our “pop-war culture” has become. Robierb’s Power Flowers limited edition consists of five different image compositions created in ten different colors, with variation numbered from an edition of 10. As each work in the series is hand-painted with silkscreening, the entire collection is considered unique variations.

For more information about the exhibition, press inquiries or VIP invitations please contact our New York gallery in Chelsea, which can be reached by phone or email, at (212) 367-0881 or  You can also read about the show here, on