Abstract Expressionism Lecture at Mar-a-Lago

April 16, 2015 

Tonight was the final installment in the 2014-2015 Art Lecture Series at Mar-a-Lago, entitled Abstract Expressionism: Artists that forged a new era in American Art. The ballroom was completely full, with even the standing room packed to capacity! Mr. Taglialatella provided an introduction to the first American art movement to capture the imagination of the post-war world, and he profiled the leading men and women of the movement. Responsible for shifting the center of gravity of the western art world from Paris to New York City, these avant-garde artists painted with raw emotion, but also, with a thought-out spontaneity that pervades nearly all of modern, artistic society. Dom touched on the ways abstract expressionism intersected with the aims of the era of Jazz, and the ways in which the controlled chaos that emerged following this novel approach to artistic expression crossed disciplines and media. Now, much of our cultural understanding is tinged with the spontaneous feel of the abstract expressionist movement!

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